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"What to do-Bali"

Welcome back Travelers!!

This segment of the blog will provide you with details on what I did, while in Bali.

It will be broken up by province so that you can plan where you’d like to stay based on what each place has to offer.

Creating this piece reminded me that I did the MOST in Bali. I was blessed to take part in several activities!

This is a lot of information Creatives so, Keep up!

My first province stop was Ubud. It is usually referred to as the “Eat, Pray, Love” province. I could not have depicted it any differently. While there, I enjoyed some of the most gourmet food that Bali has to offer, at Bridges. This restaurant would be considered high end but was still affordable. The menu offered a variety of cuisine from seafood to red meat. I ordered the lamb, cooked medium with potatoes and seasoned vegetables. Everything was seasoned to perfection and the lamb was super tender. I’d recommend this restaurant if you are celebrating a special occasion (this was my birthday dinner) or if you simply want a good meal.

Another restaurant that deserves an honorable mention would Uma Sari! Our driver brought us here on the way to our Ubud home, its located in Silakarang, jalan raya singapadu.This restaurant was an entire mood and experience! From the moment that you walk through the entrance you’ll be in love. The restaurant is outdoors amidst a tiny rice field. You will be escorted to your Balinese styled table which you must climb a couple of stairs to reach. Once there, you’ll see your table underneath of a hut. The entire hut exist over a coy pond. While there are more than a couple of tables like this, the dining experience is still intimate and feels private. The host are very attentive and if they aren’t with the strike of a wooden instrument (they provide this) they appear.

While there were several other restaurants that we tried, the aforementioned are #T-nista approved and must trys!


If you’re a nature lover and enjoy scenic exercise “The Campuhan Ridge Walk” experience is for you! This route is roughly 5.5 miles long so I’d suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Along this route, you’ll be overwhelmed by the beauty of Mount Agung Mountains, rice fields accompanied by cottage like homes, the Pura Gunung Lebah temple and river trails. The best part about this trail was the accessibility to snacks and drinks along the trek! Where else can you go hiking and grab food and beverage along the way?!

Bali Swings- Have you ever wondered where everyone goes to take those angelic nest pictures, or the infamous swings overlooking forests?! This is it! Bali Swings is comprised of several different nest and swings where you can take your perfect “Instagram shots”. In order to participate in this activity you must sign a waiver. However, I’d like to think that Bali Swings was a pretty safe place and the employees were very big on implementing protection as you explore the park. Expect to wait in line. While the wait times weren’t ridiculous, it was a bit hot standing in those lines. Keep that in mind when you are packing on makeup or dressing yourself. This is a good place to wear sunscreen as well.

Monkey Forest- My party and I made this a quick tour due to the reputations of monkeys. While this is a tourist attraction, you must bear in mind that these are animals in their habitat. From the moment that you approach the Monkey Forest, they’re everywhere! Be cognizant of your surroundings! A random guy (not sure if he was an employee or not), imparted himself on our tour. He was able to call monkeys out when they were hiding and ward off the aggressive monkeys from coming into our space. He also orchestrated our monkey photo shoot! This was a super cool experience but if you are scared of monkeys, I’d advise against it. There were too many of them present to be fearful.

Masons Elephant Park- At Mason’s Elephant Park you are allowed to ride the elephants. However, my party and I decided against it. Instead, we just hung out with them, gave them a little “tlc”, observed them getting their baths and got photos. Mason Elephant Park allows you to buy food to feed them and bathe them yourself. We were unable to do this as food had run out. Therefore, if you plan on taking full advantage of what this park has to offer, plan to arrive earlier in the day. While I enjoyed my first elephant encounter, I’d prefer the next park employees to be a little more hands off with the elephants. It appeared that they were being tamed and trained in ways that were uncomfortable for them. I do not support animal cruelty or mistreatment.

The last spot that I’d be remised not to mention is the Royal Kirana Spa. This spa indulgence was legitimately the closest that any one of us could be to heaven. From the moment that you step your foot over the threshold until the moment your drive off it is an EXPERIENCE! This is Grade A, upper echelon material creatives! The most impressive piece about this spa was their attention to detail. The massages were performed in private, outdoor villas. The villas were accompanied by a lounge area, shallow pool and large, private bath tub. After your treatment ends, you will be escorted to an area that includes a private pool, showers, saunas and plenty of lounge space. There are no words to describe this place, you just have to be there.

2nd Province, South Kuta

Nusa Penida Island was the closest to South Kuta. We drove about 25 minutes to the marina and had to take about an hour, water taxi ride for this tour. Nusa Penida has two sides to tour. It is almost impossible to complete both tours in one day. I was fortunate enough to have a tour guide who agreed to show my party both! The more popular part of Nusa Penida is West as it is said to be more picturesque. Our first stop on the tour was Kelinking Beach, breathtaking views. If you wish to enjoy the beach, it’s about a 45 minute trek. The path that you take calls for sneakers with solid grips. It’s a bit steep and narrow. However, you can simply go midway like myself to capture nice pictures.

The second and last stop (for me) on the tour was Atuh Beach. This beach is secluded most likely because of the “death trek” you have to partake in to reach it. No, I am not exaggerating. You must scale down this narrow, make-shift path to enjoy Atuh Beach. Obviously, it’s achievable but I’d definitely describe this as a risky activity. If you are scared of heights or have disorders such as vertigo, stay clear! For my adventurers, climb down and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches that I’ve witnessed. The sand is soft and the water is inviting. Overall, this is a rewarding excursion. Make sure you are properly clothed to climb.

Others in my party did visit the infamous tree house and were very pleased. However, Atuh Beach had me on the bench for the rest of the day! If you choose Nusa Penida, remember to bring sunscreen, bug repellant and trekking shoes. Use the restroom before the tour as they are scarce and not the most sanitary. Additionally, prepare yourself for a bumpy ride around this island. There was not a paved road in sight.

The Fire Dance – For all of my travelers who are big on cultural immersion, The Fire Dance will please you. This performance is one of Bali’s most iconic experiences! It’s held at the Uluwatu Temple. You will need to be dressed in a sarong as a result. The show lasts about an hour so make sure you arrive early for a comfortable seat and good view. During the show you will experience about 40, bare chested men, gathered in a circle, chanting. The chanting is a part of a story being told. It is based on a traditional Balinese ritual of the epic Hindu regarding Ramayana. If you’re in Uluwatu, please take the time to support the culture, I enjoyed it.

Tirta Empul Tampaksiring (Bali Holy Spring Water) - This was one of my favorite activities simply because it coupled spirituality with cultural immersion. The Bali, Holy Spring water pool is located alongside temples as well. In order to participate in this Balinese cleanse ritual, you should bring swimwear as you’ll need to get inside of what seems like a pool. Additionally, you’ll have to wear a sarong. I advise you to bring your own for sanitary purposes. Once you are clothed, you’ll enter the water and stand in line. More than likely, there will be others in the pool, awaiting their turn to cleanse themselves. Once you reach the statues with water spouting, you can begin to set your intentions and/or pray. Thereafter, you cleanse yourself with the spring water, coming from the spout. Once you do this 3 times, you move to the next statue. There are over 10 different statues that you can move on to and repeat the ritual. To complete the ritual, you’ll need to cross over to another pool that has a different set of statues. My party and I decided against this as it was night time and getting chilly. Beautiful experience, overall.

3rd province, Seminyak was the most “happening” area in Bali. It was filled with clubs/bars, cute places to eat and shopping boutiques! It seemed to be the busiest area of the 3. This is the closest that you’ll get to city vibes, in Bali. Additionally, Seminyak is home of the “beach clubs”! I had the opportunity to attend two of the more popular ones during my stay. I’d highly recommend that you try them both. While each one is a beach club, they’re two totally different experiences. Potato Head Beach Club gave me a sophisticated Cali feel. It was so colorful and eclectic. It had four different restaurants and too many bars to count, including swim up bars. My friends and I had a reserved a beach bed lounger in the perfect spot. We were right by the panorama pool that overlooked the ocean. This scene was beyond a mood, more like life goals. Did I mention that we were waited on hand and foot?! The drinks were super tasty and the food was impeccable. If you’re still not sold, I experienced the most beautiful sunset in my 29 years of living here. So, go or don’t (shrugs).

Sundays Beach Club was entirely about relaxation. This was a very chic and luxe environment. Less of a party more of tranquil setting. Similar to Potato Head, there are food options and Butler service available. In contrast, Sunday’s individual loungers are stationed on the beach. There’s also the opportunity for water sports. The views of mountains off of the beach and clear blue, beach water creates a dope atmosphere. As the sunsets, they start bonfires and project blue lights. Welcome to Paradise.

My favorite restaurant in Seminyak was Kilo Kitchen, Bali. We selected outside seating during the evening. The ambiance was sophisticated, yet casual. The food was nothing short of palate pleasing. If you are open to shocking your taste buds with unconventional ingredient pairings, you must try! The “squid ink ravioli” and “Truffled Tai Yuzu Rolls” were delicious!

Thank you so much for trusting me to deliver “What to do” while in Bali. I truly hope this has given you a bit of insight on what to indulge in, while there. Part 3-3, Affordability Blog, coming shortly. You don’t want to miss out on how much each of these activities cost. I’ll also shed light on the total cost, for lodging.

Love & Light


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