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Flight Drama- Tulum

I was instructed to stand in the back of a plane, for 20 minutes while my seats were sorted out. Mind

you guys, my seats had been assigned from the moment I purchased them, they were just occupied.

After being tired of standing at the back of the plane, I walk to my seats in an effort to expedite the

process. The woman in my seat along with the flight attendant asked if I’d like to give them up. Once I replied No, you would think that I would’ve been seated. The tea is, I wasn’t. As I’m waiting for someone who appears comfortable in my seats to get up, the worst happens. I was cursed out, by the husband of the woman in my seats, for a reason unbeknownst to me. Before I could lose my religion, my travel partner had beat me to it. I just knew I was about to be on world start for decking a grown man. At this point, the lady in my seat is dramatically crying. She’s apologizing for her husband. In the midst of it all, the pilot comes out, instructing me to have a seat. What seat sir?! Chile, I’m growing a bit agitated as I’m reliving this, again. Either way, the story ends with me NOT sitting in my assigned seats. The airline tried to convince me that giving up a purchased seat for anyone, wasn’t done so voluntarily. So, refund is processing. I will NEVER fly Spirit Airlines, again!

Ummm, what was that? - Tulum

Whether I was walking along the streets or entering a tourist attraction, I had to watch where my eyes landed. There were men whipping out their business, everywhere I turned. Initially, I thought that it was due to a lack of public restrooms. That changed when I observed a guy using the bathroom, 5 steps away from a restaurant. Now, I would love to tell ya’ll that it’s no big deal because they also had running water and soap in their pocket. However, we all know that’s false. Matter of fact, I didn’t even see hand sanitizer. So, when in Tulum watch where you look, wash your own hands often, don’t shake hands and feel free to use the restroom outside… it’s their thing apparently :-/

The Jump Outs- Tulum

Where I’m from, we used to call police “the Jump Outs”. I was reminded of this when I was driving on

the interstates in Quintana Roo. While at a traffic light, minding my business I saw something wild out of my peripheral. There was a pick-up truck, full of armed Mexican men. I’m not talking about handheld fire arms. This was heavy artillery, 2003, sniper rifles. I can’t even lie, I was shook! I legitimately froze, especially when they AIMED their rifles at my car! The tea is, this is normal, legal, daily behavior. Fortunately, I experienced this on the way to the airport. I’m not sure how comfortable I would have been if I experienced that at the start of the vacation. So, when driving on the interstate in Mexico, stay guarded. A bulletproof vest may be sufficient. Dead ass.

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