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The most interesting fact about my trip to Tulum was the spontaneity behind it. I had no other trips

planned for 2018...zero.

However, with the last months of 2018 being so mind wrecking, I needed to release and refresh.

There was no other way to do so outside of international travel, for me at least.

So, it was time to take flight.

Now, for the specs that you’ve been waiting for ...

I spent about 250, roundtrip, non-stop for my air fare. This ticket was bought about 40 days out and I was still able to land a pretty solid deal.

The morning of my departure was pretty heavy, for a lack of a better term. I had a ton of shit on my

mind and a minimum amount of time to Process it. <— story of my life. I had gotten all of 4 hours of sleep but found solace in knowing sunshine and beaches lie ahead.

After arriving to the airport, with 2 hours to spare, my flight was delayed, 4 diff times! My 1140 am

arrival had become 530 pm.

Peculiarly, I remained calm. Around 5pm, I boarded the flight when granted access. To my surprise, my PAID seats were occupied.

In the interest of time I’ll spare you guys the juicy details. I will share that I’m patiently awaiting a full refund! Since I’m aware that my people love a drama, I will share that I was cursed out, by someone’s husband, because I didn’t want to give MY, advance purchased seats to his family. For more on this eventful flight, head over to the Travel-la- Tea section of this site..

Now, let’s regain focus. Upon arriving in Cancun I had a 1.5 hour drive ahead of me, to reach Tulum.

Bearing in mind my shitty day, I was in desperate need of tequila <—fav! Unfortunately, I had to sort out transportation because I intentionally failed to plan! <—laws of spontaneity...I guess

After hitting every rental car and taxi counter possible, I hustled my way into a 50 dollar rental car

contract! Yes, 50 dollars for a rental car, unlimited mileage, and full coverage insurance! So, when you travel to Tulum rent a car for 50 or pay 80 dollars, round trip just to be taxied there. The choice is yours. Europ car is the company.

After convincing my rental car shuttle driver to wait until my margarita mission was fulfilled, I was off to my Airbnb apartment at The Highline, Calle Sayil. The Highline has free parking, concierge service and 24 hour security for my scary travelers. Also, they have bikes on sight for rental and access to all of the activities you’d like to partake in. The room was spotless, very modern and possessed necessities to feel right at home. There’s a coffee maker, stove, refrigerator, flat screen and my personal favorite, sound bar! The best part about this room was the balcony. It’s always clutch to have access to fresh air and energy throughout all times of the day. The shower produced piping hot water and housekeeping staff were frequent visitors.

The food in this tiny town was impeccable. There was a variety of cuisine but I kept frequenting Asian and Italian bistro. If you’re in town Ristorante Italiano and Ukami serve palette to tongue, fresh, made to order food. Food was seasoned to perfection and service was stellar. The Italian restaurant had a view to die for! It was beach front, rustic, open cottage styled so perfect for a date. Ukami had a sophisticated eccentric vibe. While it was very well put together and modernized there was a simple earthy feel, most likely because it was an outdoor restaurant. It is best that you have cash for these two venues as you’ll spend less money. It’s honestly best to pay in pesos anywhere that you go on the island. There is a crazy surcharge assessed when you pay in US dollars, 16-18% to be exact.

Regarding activities, I did not partake in any rigorous excursions. I wanted to rest and relax during this occasion, so I opted to indulge in art only. First up was Tulum Mayan Ruins. There were several different ruin sites to marvel at, none identical. It took about an hour or so to complete this tour. I probably could’ve finished sooner but I was taking my time, admiring history and jumping ropes to capture dope ass pictures. It began to rain heavily towards the end of the tour. Therefore, I hopped underneath an information tent with the ruin staff as if I had on Mayan ruins name tag. After getting cozy with the staff,I wrapped up and continued on with my day. The second excursion was Chichen Itza, one of the world 7 wonders! These grounds were more intimate in space, compared to Tulum’s Ruins. Essentially, each remain was a couple of steps away from the other. Realistically, you can see Chichen Itza Ruins in all of 20 minutes. However, if art is as stimulating and thought provoking as it is to me, you’ll likely spend an hour here too. Entry fees for both of these explorations were under 20 bucks.

Overall, Tulum can be an affordable vacation. The flights, room and board along with transportation was all under 700 bucks, for 4 days! Conversely, the dining is a bit pricey. A meal for two will run you about 65-70 USD. If you are a foodie, budget for that. All-inclusive resorts are an option as well. Nonetheless, this tiny town is a BIG deal and must see. I cringed at the thought of departure. As my time in Tulum culminated, my heart was filled with gratitude for this town’s simplicity. Additionally, I was oozing with inspiration from subtle affirmations, found on street signs

The reality is, I planned this trip to simply vacation but was rewarded with experiencing one of the world 7 wonders and more. As a person that lives life pragmatically, I often time find disdain in lack of preparation. Historically, it made me feel anxious and forced into impulsive decision making. However, if I would have followed my typical, overly prepared routine, I would have done everything but relax on this trip. I’ve newly been taught that when you fail to prepare yourself the experiences become far more educational. Furthermore, these experiences awaken intuition that guides us to what we need to experience, rarely used but most reliable.


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