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"Purpose in The Bahamas"

Hey Creatives! 

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

As a licensed clinician,  I’m compelled to share that mental health is just as important as physical health!

In fact, mental health affects physical health. I’d like to encourage every person reading this to look into therapy if any part of your life seems too challenging or unmanageable 

Engaging in Therapy does not mean that “something” is wrong with you! 

Something is actually right! 📷️

If you need assistance or would like more information on utilizing a therapist, visit www.haarppp.com

Now, to travel! 

I flew to the Bahamas from April 6-13 and paid a measly 260 (roundtrip) to do so! I truly enjoyed myself! I elected to spend some of my vacation  at an all inclusive resort (Breezes ) and the remainder at a more familiar hotel chain, SLS-Baha Mar.

My thought process was you can save money on food and drinks with the all inclusive deal. If the food is ass there (which it usually is at an all-inclusive), you’ll have the opportunity to eat better at the hotel.  And mannn! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have had another option! I would’ve withered away solely depending on that food. I’d give the all inclusive food a D, Not good! The hotel food was a B- Ultimately, I  favored the local food  at  “fish fry”. While the hotel food tasted much fresher it lacked character! 

My favorite dish at “Fish Fry” was Red Snapper. It was fresh and seasoned to perfection, from Old Andros” or “Drifters”! The Tamarind Wings are also a MUST and don’t forget to try the infamous “conch salad”! With that being said, The Bahamas was not a “cheap” getaway. While both lodging areas offered beach front access and onsite dining options, it’s just not worth the money spent.

Regardless of which lodging route you choose, you’re looking at a minimum of 250 per night (just for the room).

The Bahamian vibe is laid back. I met some pretty cool locals that gave me cheap hacks. They suggested riding the bus instead of taking taxis and directed me to Bahamian cuisine along with where to party.

In my opinion, the best part of this island is the beaches. They have more than a couple and each one has mesmerizing, teal-blueish colored water. I didn’t notice a lot of seaweed/debris in the water, nor was it harsh on my sensitive skin. I literally did everything there! I swam with the pigs, jet ski’d and took the best hammock naps possible. 

If you’re looking to travel to the Bahamas make sure you’ve saved up a good amount of cash. Their money is equivalent to the US dollar so you don’t have to bear the burden of currency exchange on this island.

As my vacation crept to its commencement I began to think about where I was physically and mentally, given I’ve reached a month of entrepreneurship. 

However, there was no contemplation necessary. I am legitimately in the happiest space that I’ve ever been in, career wise! It’s crazy how debilitating, stifling work environments can be. 

Being your own boss allows you the opportunity to create, freely......unapologetically. It gives you the space to visualize goals that will serve people both near and far 

Most days, I become so full off of the visions that the universe gives me. The mind blowing part is that every single one of them are beyond me!

While this was a personal decision that directly affects me, I’m doing this for every single person reading this! Every individual that has ever had a dream, vision, goal or mere thought that could change this world for the better. 

Most importantly, this is for my ancestors , my legacy and all of my people who wake up every morning feeling sick to their stomach from purpose brewing. The kind of purpose that’s beyond anything your current job can grasp or nurture. 

I urge you all to connect to your purpose and gift it back to the universe, from which it comes. 



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