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When it is my time bury me with Gucci and Gold, in an exotic


-If there’s one thing that I’d like to be referred to as or remembered by, it’d be a connoisseur of fashion. Subsequently, a world traveler.

Myself and all of the other women in the universe, right? But wait, how is this achieved?

Where’s the blueprint on how to start? What should we do?

Stop overthinking it and just Do… IT!

We spend a substantial amount of time trying to talk ourselves out of what we’d like to

experience. Then, we expect others to find sympathy for us when we are suffering from


At this point, I’m almost certain that your brilliant brain is wondering, if I were to delve

into my style and travel dreams - , where would the money come from, who will cover

my shifts and how will I ever solidify child care, for an extended period of time?

The best advice that I can offer is, buy the flight, book rooms, purchase those

Louboutin’s, and figure out the rest when your bank account is overdrawn. Ha!


People continuously comment on how/why I vacation so often, or why do I invest so

heavily in classic pieces. I’ll let you snooping sallies in on an exclusive – you make time

and have money for the things that enrich you.

When I began to travel more frequently in 2017, I discovered a miracle cultivating inside

of me. Every time that I stepped off of a plane, my senses were awakened. I

experienced supernatural healing by purely inhaling different air and immersing myself

in organic art!

As far as fashion goes, well... the answer to that has become my latest discovery and

inspiration behind this blog production.

While the short answer to the aforementioned would be rather satisfying, I can’t give it

to you just yet. You must keep reading. This is about to get good, I swear....

The back story unraveled in November of 2018. I was battling with what I had labeled

as lack of creativity. In that moment, I found myself having a quarter-life crisis. I was in

desperate search of my innate creativity and to add insult to injury….

I NO LONGER, desired to devote my life to being a mental health therapist.

1 Master’s degree, professional counselor license and a grown up life with grown up

bills later….

While practicing mental health therapy is fulfilling, it does not complete me. It does not

make me happiest.

So then I thought, what does?

Shit! I don’t know….! *The ugly cry began*.

At that moment, my realization was simple, I had “no-thing”! Can anyone else relate to


Well, in the midst of my weeping, I had the initiation of a Eureka moment. After fully

assessing my everyday life’s pleasures, I came up with what’s to follow. Could my style

be an exhibition of creativity? Does traveling translate into a fulfilling career?

I followed this train of thought and started working out the following;

-If style can serve as creativity, how would I test this theory?

Should I base it off of the amount of money spent on exceptional pieces?

My effortless ability to connect fragments, perceived as inspiration to others?

Or, the mental stimulation experienced when glaring at myself in the mirror, before date


While the aforementioned was significant, I knew, none of it could be the, sole

determining factor.

My reflections led me to realize that true creativity could not be measured by any type

of recognition, mentioned above. My truth was that style comes from character, which

in my case translated to my creativity.

So…..there it was…my life’s mystery, unraveled and solved.

I’ve always been creative, by way of style.

Now, I’d like to challenge your thoughts.

What small acts of creativity can you amplify in your current life that would translate into

your niche?

It is common practice for us all to negate what it not apparent or praised by society.

Don’t get caught up in the faux reality.

No matter how simple or complex it may be, hone in on what makes you feel good.

That alone… is your “thing”.

Your friendly neighborhood CREATIVE,


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