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Happy New Year!

First, I want to begin with thanking you guys. You all have taken time out of your busy schedules to checkout my material. I’m grateful!


Happiest Black History Month!

A lot has transpired in the world around me and within, since my last content release.

While I have not had the opportunity to travel yet (mad lame), I’ve had my eyes on affordable travel in the New Year for my fellow Travelanistas! Get your note pads and see the bottom. I’ve included details on what I refer to as, #FIREFLIGHTS.

Aside from obsessing over 2019 travel, I’ve been using the beginning of this year to transition. I’m uncertain if the universe is surging for all of us or if I’ve suddenly developed an immeasurable amount of faith. Either way, the world as I know it is drastically changing.

On the 6th of this month, I submitted a letter of resignation to my full time job. This “good government”, “good benefits”, 9-5 job was no longer a hot commodity for me. Toward the end of 2018, I asked God and the Universe to give me a sign regarding my career. I had been craving a greater sense of autonomy and an overall change in roles. Like most of us, I wanted to be elevated and higher educated. My current position wasn’t offering either. However, a new position was advertised for a program that I had piloted.

This program was fully stood up after the pilot was over and I had been serving in that role since. As far as I was concerned, the job was perfect for me. My colleagues carried the same sentiments and pretty much assumed that the position was for me. In the end, I was not afforded the opportunity. I made it through both rounds of interviews but the job ended up in the hands of my officemate.

Surprise?! Mmmmm, not so much. I’ve always been humble and aware that nothing is guaranteed. The wow factor came into play when I was given the feedback as to why. I was informed that I interviewed well, it came down to experience. In an effort to keep things cute, I’ll refrain from disclosing her resume. I will say that mine is completely different and exemplary for a Senior Counselor Position.

In lieu of this selection, I had to evaluate some things. As matter of fact, I had to assess my self-worth, value and overall happiness. More often than not, we become heavily invested and loyal to our JOBS. Notice, I said jobs not our companies, brands or empires. Why is that?! Because baby, let me tell you! The minute that the absences become too frequent, the work ethic becomes subpar or the talent is outdated your ass will be replaced. Quickly!

Bearing that in mind, I acknowledged the sign that I asked for and took a calculated risk. My last day is March 15, so I will definitely keep you guys posted on how beautifully this unfolds. Thus far, my part-time job (where I intended on supplementing my income) lost a contract. Therefore, I may not be able to earn my income there. Ha!

I know you guys are probably like where is the joke sis? You’re sort of unemployed with hella financial obligations. The source of my laughter originates from the universes sense of humor. If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

I am more than confident that all will work out for the greater good.

Throughout this process, I’ve reminded myself of a few things. You cannot ask for something and fear it’s arrival. Furthermore, you will not experience exponential growth living in familiar shadows. When you are given a gift by way of assignment, you must show your commitment to the dispersion of it.

I am no longer reposting inspirational quotes in hopes that they’ll find their way into my life. I am the example. I have deposited my gifts into the world and I know they will not return to me void. If nothing else, I take pride in being able to say that I am the owner of or I am the creator of, regarding my occupation. I will no longer say, “I work for”. Now, that’s how you celebrate black history baby!

It is my earnest prayer that you all are living lives that lead to happiness, freedom, philanthropy and empowerment. If not, there’s no greater time than the present!



I’ll begin with island vibes. If you reside in the northern states, I’m sure you’re ready to escape the frigid temperatures and snow.

Martinique, Nassau, Turks and Caicos, St. Thomas, Gran Canaria and Puerto Rico are offering insanely affordable flights. Departure dates range from now - May of this year.

Departure cities include:

Washington DC (BWI),


Los Angeles,

Miami, Fort

Lauderdale and

New York.

The airlines offering this fire are United, Wow, Jet Blue, Delta and American. Associated cost is roughly 220 roundtrip! That’s some shit that make you want to curse right there!

If the aforementioned locations don’t interest you, maybe you’d enjoy Amsterdam,





Milan or Barcelona! Grab your travel partners and head out, early as this month throughout July! One way tickets to some of these spots are just 45 dollars! Another swearing opportunity, right?! Make your way to Wow Air, American and United Airlines for these deals. Get picked up in Boston, Washington DC, New York or Detroit.

These are steals guys!

Please stop getting “flewed out” to Miami and pull out your passport!

If you all have any questions pertaining to these deals or travel in general, drop me a message in the contact section of this website. You can also reach out via Instagram, @travelanista.

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