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"Birthday In Bali"

Updated: Jun 10, 2019


Hey There!

I hope that May has brought you all beautiful vibes as it has for me.

As most of you are aware, May is my birthday month! This year, I was blessed to spend it in Bali, Indonesia!

Because I spent a total of two weeks there, in 3 different provinces, I’ve decided to make Bali a 3-part series.

Be sure to read each one as they all contain different information and details that you MUST know when traveling to Indonesia.

First up, I’m giving you all the specs on my homes away from home; Where to stay in Bali.

This trip was taken May 2-13 but I solidified all lodging in October of 2018. I chose to book large homes on Airbnb because I wanted to create an inclusive vibe for my party. The first home that I chose was a 5 bedroom treehouse, amid rice field and nature, located in Ubud, hosted by Ana Lestsri. The architecture of this home was complex, yet simple. While it was primarily made out of stone with a large tree growing through the center, the execution of the design was very unique. The pool area of this home was most admirable. It was at the back of the home and was surrounded by a plethora of trees. Real jungle vibes! Additionally, the master bathroom had screen-less windows. This afforded me the opportunity to shower, while gazing at the sun rise over top of a rice field. Breathtaking! The only part about this house that I wasn’t too keen on were the critters. The screen-less windows were an open invitation for bugs/mosquitos. I spotted an unpleasant amount of geckos and mosquitoes. However, I was prepared with mosquito coils, off bug spray and mosquito repellant bracelets. The beds were draped in mosquito nets as well, which was effective for sure.

The second home, located in South Kuta had the most breathtaking design. It was listed as, “Amazing ocean view, sleeps 10” on Airbnb. We endured about a 2 hour drive from Ubud to get there. This home was ultra-luxurious, beyond sexy! It boasted 2 master bedrooms, 3 large sized rooms, 3 different pool areas, spa bathtubs in every room and a surround sound system that could be heard all throughout the home. Additionally, each room had canopy styled beds, giving off extra sultry vibes. This home also had a dope pool/outside area. The house was perfectly centered around it. Therefore, if you wanted to be a part of the pool festivities but didn’t want a tan you could sit inside the living room area but still communicate with others in the pool. The retracting glass doors in the living room made this possible. Both master bathrooms had direct access to the pool area, with a simple slide of your glass door. The staff at this property was extremely attentive. They did everything from ordering late night “carry out “, and arranging transportation to preparing breakfast, every morning. The downside to this home were the critters, yet again! This home had the whole iguana family present, in every room! The staff was definitely good at removing them but still, not a good look! After witnessing those pest in your room one time, PTSD was in full effect. They also made weird noises and could be heard crawling on the roof of the bedrooms, if they were made out of bamboo and wicker (some rooms had different roofing).

The last home, The Muse, Seminyak was very luxurious as well. As the title states, it was located in Seminyak. A thirty minute drive from South Kuta. This was my personal favorite because I did not spot one critter, nor did I hear them. Finally, I felt safe! This home had about 4 levels so there were a lot of stairs. If you don’t like daily exercise this home isn’t for you. However, if you’d appreciate a coy pond in your home in addition to a rooftop, infinity pool, do indulge! The design of this home was award winning and its location was super convenient. My party and I walked EVERYWHERE! There was no ne need for Taxi’s. This was a big deal because you definitely needed daily transport in the other homes. There was a time where we rented/rode on mopeds just for the experience, which was super lit. The staff at this spot was yet again, attentive. They too, arranged transportation, cooked breakfast and had massage therapist come to the home to render special services.

Each home made it beyond easy to reside. If you’ve ever wanted to be catered to, the hospitality of these host will bring that to fruition. There was no request that was denied from birthday cakes to replacing mattresses in the middle of the night, for my comfort. All of the home managers spoke English and were extremely pleasant. Where you reside is definitely a significant part of your experience so choose strategically.

Thanks so much for reading. Part 2 of 3 (Affordability) will be available next week! If you’d like to know what you can expect to spend on lodging, daily transportation, food and luxe spa treatments this one is for you.

Much love & light


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