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Greetings Creatives, welcome back!

I hope that you all have done great things this month!.

As for me, I’ve finally booked my first travel of the year, I’m heading to the beautiful Bahamas early


Additionally, I am embracing my new found freedom!

Since my last post, I’ve successfully resigned from my full time job.

Thus far, it has been the most liberating move in my lifetime.

Despite the excitement that I’ve felt since breaking the news, I have stumbled across some people who were extremely unsupportive of my decision.

My very own supervisor who was always pleasant became the spawn of Satan upon receiving my

resignation. Following closely behind her, were others expressing how I had made a “dumb” decision. While it would have been effortless to return the juvenile behavior, or explain the rationality behind my choice I simply chose not to.

No response is a legitimate response as well, try it.

I’ve come to realize that people can’t believe in me if they are unable to believe in themselves.

Working 50 years until retirement just to obtain another job to make ends meet will never be appealing to a natural born entrepreneur!


My first week of being boss lady consisted of balanced breakfasts, over 8 hours of sleep, daily, daily gym time a facial and the signing of a contract for my soon to be, 3 rd business.

Its safe to say, I love working for myself! I have not worried or regretted my decision, once.

If you are wondering how this is possible it really is simple. I just CHOOSE not to worry.

Faith and Fear have never coexisted and they never will. Remember that.

I can assure you that the moment you decide to trust yourself and believe in your purpose, the

“impossible” will become attainable.

Realistically, there will be challenging moments that come with this lifestyle but it will never be enough to initiate reverting.

I promise to keep you guys posted on both pros and cons but so far all has been well.

Now, for those of you interested in the backdrop that perfectly complimented my thigh-high boots (my humble opinion)……

You will find it at The Watergate Hotel, Washington DC.

Outside of their sultry bar area you will come into contact with the currently trending “Igloo Bar”

The bar area accepts walk-ins but if you want the isolated igloo experience you must make a


I’d say schedule a month in advance as springtime is approaching, which means heavier traffic.

While there is normally a cost associated with reserving the Igloos, you can get one free of charge Mon- Thursday! All parties must be prepared to spend at least 50 dollars, that is the required minimum. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The drinks were eye candy and extremely tasty.

The food was delicious and pretty filling for small plates. We ordered the Binchotan lamb ribs, fried

chicken wings, crab fritters, salt and pepper calamari and roasted Brussel Sprouts . We cleared each and every plate too baby!

If you are visiting or currently reside in that Nations capitol, do indulge.

That’s all for now.

Make sure you check out this months fire flights for domestic/international travel deals below.

Wishing you all so much love, light and freedom.



Domestic: One ways as low as 25 dollars to West Palm Beach, FL, New Orleans, Orlando, Arizona and Colorado. Departure dates as early as April throughout May. Departing from Raleigh for all of my NC travelers. Frontier is the airline.

Roundtrip tickets starting at 166 to Tampa, Houston, New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas, Chicago,

Boston, Atlanta New York, Toronto and Denver. Departing from Washington DC as early as April. The airlines delivering this fire include Delta, Spirit and Porter.

International: Round trip tickets from the mid 200s -400s to Paris, Colombia, Amsterdam, Montego Bay, Reykjavik, Peru, Spain and the Bahamas. Departing cities include Washington DC, Detroit, Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. Dates as early as April-August depending on destination.

Search Wow Air, American and Spirit Airlines for the aforementioned fare.

If you’d like more information on these deals or assistance with booking affordable travel, email me

under the contact tab of this site.

Happy Booking!

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