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Thanks for joining me again!

This is the third and final blog related to Bali.

Here, you’ll find details pertaining to the associated cost of activities highlighted in “What to Do-

Bali” blog.

Overall, Bali was very affordable.

Relatively cheap quite frankly.

While some establishments accept USD, it is best to exchange your currency for Rupiah. It

makes it easier on you and them, taking language barriers and conversion rates into


The Exchange Rate is about 1 USD = 14,449.0000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) There are slight

changes made to this rate, daily.

Transportation was the most costly expense. The rate is based on how long you will need your

driver and how many people needing to be transported. While it’s only about 25 dollars per day

for transportation, if you’re crossing provinces that’s additional money. Ideally, you’d want to

schedule your activities within close proximity to your home.

To put this into perspective, from the airport to Ubud (which is pretty far) you wouldn’t pay more

than 20 bucks. If you needed a ride from the airport to Denpasar (no more than a15 minute

drive) you’d pay about 6 bucks.

The total cost of Transportation for 2 weeks in Bali was 400, roughly. Remember, this was split

between 7 people.

If you’d like to rent Mopeds or catch Taxi’s, NEGOTIATE! You can probably get anywhere within

the same province for no more than 5 dollars.

When you go to the boutique/vendor areas to buy souvenirs, NEGOTIATE! These are the

cheapest souvenirs that you’ll ever buy. The goods that my party and I bought were high quality

despite the clearance prices. The owners of the boutiques are very nice and looking for sells!

In regards to activities and food/drinks see below, reflected cost is in U.S. dollars.

The Campuhan Ridge Walk- FREE!

Bali Swings- 35

Monkey Forest- 3

Masons Elephant Park- 7

Royal Kirana Spa 160

Nusa Penida- 57

The Fire Dance- 15

Tirta Empul Tampaksiring (Bali Holy Spring Water) - 4

Potato Head Beach Club- FREE! Poolside lounger requires 38 dollar minimum spent on food and drinks

Sundays Beach Club - 28

Kilo Kitchen, Bali- Meals range from 10-30 dollars

Bridges Restaurant- Meals range from 8-40 dollars

Conclusively, it’s possible for you to go to Bali with about 350, USD for spending. You can survive off of

that for a two week span. However, if you plan to overindulge at restaurants and beach clubs, I’d

recommend about 500 USD. This will definitely cover the aforementioned activities and you may even

have left over cash!

If you’ve found this information to be helpful, feel free to share with other travelers! If you have any

questions or suggestions please comment and/or contact me using the contact tab on this website.

I wish you all a prosperous ending of June!


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